Erwin Gronemeier GmbH & Co.KG (ergro) is one of the leading manufacturers of high quality furniture parts in Germany. The core business of our industrial furniture production is characterized by the production and stocking of customized furniture parts.

ergro supplies partners in all industrial furniture sectors in Germany and abroad such as kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms or shop/trade fair construction.

With 80 employees ergro manufactures in two factories on state of the art machinery. The result are high-quality furniture parts in all colors, shapes and decors. With our modern drilling and milling techniques, we provide our customers with enhanced vertical integration, always accompanied by individually tailored logistics concepts for your specific requirements.

The way everything started…

  1. 1924

    Gründung durch Heinrich Krüger als Einzelunternehmen mit damaliger Spezialisierung auf Einzelfertigung von Küchen aus Massivholz.

    Founded by Heinrich Krüger as a sole proprietorship with former specialization in custom-made kitchens made of solid wood.

  2. 1956

    Übernahme durch den Schwiegersohn Erwin Gronemeier.
    Takeover by the son-in-law Erwin Gronemeier.

  3. 1960

    Umstellung von Massivholzküchen auf Küchen aus kunststoffbeschichteten Spanplatten.
    Shifting the production from solid wood kitchens to kitchens made of laminated chipboard.

  4. 1968

    Umwandlung der Einzelunternehmung in eine KG – Beginn der Serienfertigung.
    Transformation of the sole proprietorship into a KG – start of mass production.

  5. 1970

    Bau der 1. Fertigungshalle.
    Construction of the 1st production hall.

  6. 1972

    Bau der 2. Fertigungshalle.
    Construction of the 2nd production hall.

  7. 1975

    Umwandlung in eine GmbH & Co. KG
    Transformation into a GmbH & Co. KG

  8. 1983

    Neubau der Verwaltung, Abriss des Gründerwohnhauses.
    New administration building, demolition of the old residence.

  9. 1984

    Begradigung der Einfahrt.
    Straightening the driveway.

  10. 1990

    Zukauf einer benachbarten Lagerhalle als weiteres Fertigteillager.
    Purchase of a neighboring warehouse as an additional prefabricated warehouse.

  11. 1992

    Neubau des Rohwarenlagers.
    New construction of the raw materials warehouse.

  12. 2010

    Externes Lager in Löhne mit einer Fläche von 6.500 m².
    External warehouse in Löhne with an area of 6.500m².

  13. 2017

    Umzug und Produktionsbeginn in Hüllhorst.
    Relocation and start of production in Hüllhorst.